Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday night no work tomorrow even if

These blue hills make a ridge wall on the far side of the bay and there are tiny buildings sprinkled
among the trees oh it all looks blue from far away from these two little hills reaching up to breathe
reaching up from all of the cement that took the place of the trees and yet the formidable snakes catch tiny mice as dark little rabbits disappear into the brush with whoever those animals were that made the tiny holes in the dirt trails in this big dish surrounding that shallow sheet of gray water below the silver finger of fog that the skyscrapers give their own finger to. Too.

What am I doing anyway? Who cares? so what if I write weird things like the one above. Who will read it anyway its like a message in this wine bottle I just finished I may as well trhow it in the ocean but not right now driving not a good idea/

So this was a nice Sunday even though I still am unemployed I was enjoying an old science fiction tv show, then a cooking show with a tart tamper (why did the tv audience think that was so funny?) And i made noodles with butter salt n pepper and had no sauce so put kechup on it whch was pretty good especially with red wine even cheap.

But then I saw the e-mail from the job I had a shot at--they don't want me. I think i don't have enough connections not evnough people on Facebook or Twitter following me.

It does feel better now that I wrote that. I have to keep my chin up. It helped to talk with my cousin from back home. It hurts that my friends don t answer e-mails and cell phones. I know what they do, they always look who's calling and they answere even if their eating with friends they answer and probab;y text. Well I would text if i had somenone other than Twirtter to text to.

But I will take that Digimarketing class starting this Tuesday and the Laugh Workout class, and I'll feel better and get a job soon.

I miss my laptop sold it but was just panicking. Still hav e the big old computer at home but in the library I have to reserve one. I just can't stay here all day long. But I like the weird book of poems I foung on the table in the library yesterday that was a quiet day even in the big library. It was nice out but today it was gray. Normally gray skies wouldn'tmatter because Id stay in and clean house cook or work on a project for work but now its just to damn quiet.

Well this helps to write aprivate thing and put it on the internet the electronic message in abottle.

you can make designs by typing see below

YOU could do that, print it out and cut it to paste on a scrapbook to make a bordr.

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