Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Starting my program with the Rising Sun Institute of Spiritual Cooking

My first visit with Suzie Baker from the Rising Sun Institute of Spiritual Cooking. It is partial payment for the first marketing work I did for her (see: I thought it would be a cooking class, but it turned out that Suzie thought I needed an "Orientation Treatment" before I begin my personalized program. It was unusual. She said that my food-soul colors needed to be aligned. She put on the light green shirt and orange vest because those were the relevant colors. I honestly don't understand it, but she wants me to put an explanation of that technique and others on her blog, so I'm sure I'll be learning a lot about it. This treatment involved her waving an orange around me, and pointing a flat, thick broom-type thing at me, and then I had to hold the orange and broom in my hands and breathe a certain way. I didn't feel any differently afterward, but I enjoyed the visit with her. It was convenient, too, because she came to my apartment. She said that my neighborhood (Twin Peaks) has many identified healing spots (she calls them IHS's). Overall, it was uplifting because Suzie is very friendly and pleasant. Plus the cash part of the payment will cover next month's rent. She even gave me a copy of her book, Haiku Cooking, so now I can return the one I've been borrowing from the library!


  1. hey, i need that treatment!

  2. Nice blog you made for Suzie Baker/Rising Sun!