Saturday, October 24, 2009

But don't I need a token? Well, maybe I just got one in the form of a hint from On High--a possible upturn in my career slump:
Something good, maybe great, has happened! Today I went to the cooking school run by Suzie Baker, the author of the book, "Haiku Cooking." I decided to leave the car (and its carbon farts) at home and take the bus--my first time on Golden Gate Transit. What a great view from the bridge--much better from a bus than a car; no railings blocking the view! I actually met Suzie Baker, and because I don't feel I can afford the programs I'm interested in at her school, we worked out a deal: I will do some marketing work for her at a reduced rate, and I will get a discount on whatever classes I take! What a lovely place it is, plus they offer special programs at many sites around the Bay Area and Beyond.

I'm glad I enrolled in the DigiMarketing Class. I went to the first session yesterday, and I think it will bring me up to date on some things that will help me to be more competitive in the job market. Plus, I already learned a couple of things I can apply to my first project for Suzie Baker!

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