Monday, January 4, 2010

Optimism and Hope in 2010

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year and New Decade.
Spent the holidays with my cousin Sarah who came to town; missed the rest of the folks back home, but couldn't really justify the expense of going back there. I'm sure that things will pick up financially.
Meanwhile, I am grateful for what I do have.
I am happy to report that I only had one glass of champagne on New Year's Eve! The treatment for over-drinking that I received from Suzie Baker really worked!

Please see the new video that Claire Bain made with me about my amazing treatment at the Rising Sun Institute of Spiritual Cooking. The video is on Youtube and it's called "Egg Nova On." It is in three parts.; the total running time is 18 minutes. I like Claire's idea to make the soundtrack be the phone conversation we had about the project.

Wishing you the very best to come!

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