Friday, January 22, 2010

My Brother Brett's Secret

My brother's girlfriend Sandy just got in contact with me, thanks to Twitter; I haven't seen her since his funeral. She gave me these pictures that she took, which are the last ones ever taken of Brett; within two weeks he was dead at age 30. I asked her what he was doing when she took the pictures. She said Brett was drawing fashion designs--and I was shocked because I had never even seen him draw, nor did he mention an interest in fashion! Sandy said that she has lots of his drawings, and she will share them with me.

I know the reason that Brett kept his interest in fashion design a secret is because he would've caught even more hell from all the macho people in our family and town. They already gave him a hard time about his appearance, calling him "sissy" and other things I don't care to write here.

He doesn't look very well in these pictures and he's even pouring some Austrian liqueur into his coffee. Even so, he has that absorbed, creative look that shows the spark that was within him til the last moment. The drugs and drink couldn't extinguish his creative fire...

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  1. Glad Brett was able to keep the creative juice flowin while he was juiced on Aussie liquor.