Sunday, November 8, 2009

A New Way to Read

Half-reading "A Case of Two Cities," by Qiu Xiaolong. Not focusing, but enjoying the 4 o'clock sun rays here in the 5th floor library window. I am trying a new approach: instead of forcing myself to concentrate on the novel, making careful note of details that may matter later, I am allowing my thoughts to drift as they will. I'm a little tired, you see. I have been attending the (very helpful) Digimarketing class and the fun Laugh Workout class at the Learning Apex.

I have also done a significant amount of work for Suzie Baker's Rising Sun Institute of Spiritual Cooking. Happily, she has expanded the scope of my work to include a comprehensive marketing plan, a commercial (yikes! never done one, but she hooked me up with a good video director; I just have to write it), and organizing a focus group. Funnily enough, she doesn't want a website, and is content with the blog that I set up for her, even though she hasn't updated it...

So as I read "A Case of Two Cities," here in the afternoon sun, ideas bubble up for these projects, as well as my Digimarketing homework, and I allow it. It is similar to a lot of TV watching that is done, the way the tv is on in the background. While I enjoy the sense of relaxing, I don't intend to do this too much, as the book is very interesting and educational even if it is a detective novel. It has an interesting perspective on Chinese society, both in the present, shifting times, and in some of the poetry of its past.

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